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Live the Game: A Lifestyle with a Gaming Sense

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Peter Swearengen, Executive Producer at Stupid Fun Club, Inc., and Tish Shute, Reality Architect, Stupid Fun Club Inc, will explore the cross pollination of games with life.Peter and Tish will talk from the often competing perspectives of immersive transmedia gaming experiences and social engagement in life. They will discuss how the next generation of mobile local social games and lifestyle apps will create opportunities to experience new dimensions of life, and lifestyles with a gaming sense. And in the second half of this session, Mike Winter, Co-Founder of Stupid Fun Club and the Stupid Fun Demo Team will be sharing a high intensity tablet game, including prizes signed by Will.


Peter Swearengen Exec Producer Stupid Fun Club LLC

Peter leads development of new Games and Transmedia IP for Will Wright at the StupidFunClub.
After a successful season of Bar Karma on Current TV, he is working on new ways to weave collaborative storytelling into the transmedia landscape of Games, TV, Travel, and Imagination.
Lifestyle with a gaming sense:

Tish Shute Reality Architect Stupid Fun Club LLC

Tish Shute is a Creative Technologist/Reality Architect working with Will Wright and Stupid Fun Club to bring a new variety of playful experiences to mobile/local/social.

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