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4-Hour Work Week Is BS: Truths of Working Smarter

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Work is everywhere. In the office, on a plane, in your car, at Peet's Coffee down the street. It's virtually inescapable. And while everyone would love to believe the 4-Hour Work Week is possible, is this the reality in today's market? Can you successfully manage and execute multiple projects within a global ecosystem with a team that has several, if not all, workers contributing remotely? Let's have a frank conversation with today's industry pioneers and thought leaders, shedding new light on how we work. With mobile devices within hand's reach at all times, there's truly no excuse or escape -- something early adopters know all too well, but the mainstream is quickly discovering as well. Here, each of the parties will discuss truths they've learned about what it really means to work smarter, and evaluate and discuss some of the false sentiments floating around like needing to "meet" more and the amount of time a brainstorm should (in truth) last — in the end, sharing the worklife heuristics they've acquired and learned over the years and that make all the difference in how they operate in their day-to-day lives.


Doug Marinaro President & COO LiquidSpace Inc

Doug is a seasoned technologist and software engineer with over two decades of experience in software and business development for B2B mobile applications.

Prior to helping found LiquidSpace, Doug worked at Kardia Health Systems, developing systems for cardiology to support the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Before that, he worked at Gearworks, establishing the company as a top mobile platform provider and expanding the company’s growth in the GPS business software market.

Doug received his B.S. and M.S. in Engineering from the U.C. Berkeley, and now resides in Palo Alto, CA.

Follow him on Twitter at @LiquidDoug.

Georgia Collins Managing Dir, North America Degw

Georgia Collins leads DEGW North America, an AECOM company. DEGW is a strategic consultancy focused on the changing nature of work and learning. Georgia is particularly interested in how new work practices are upending our traditional notions of how and where work gets done. Her own work centers on helping organizations think differently about how to best support their people in order to improve organizational performance.

Kate North VP, Global Dev

Kate North is the VP of Global Development for, ( an industry leader in web-based training designed to prepare the workforce for a “new way of working”.

With over 25 years of global experience in workplace strategy, research, design and transformational change, Kate offers her clients a holistic perspective, focusing on the impacts of the Work Place, Work Practice and Work Process.

Previously, Kate was Vice President of the Strategic Business Group at Herman Miller Inc. and also served as the Global Director of Ideation, a workplace research consultancy at Haworth. She is an active voice within the industry and holds advisory and leadership positions within the CoreNet Workplace Community of Practice, the Future of Work and New Ways of Working.

Keith Perske Principal eBusiness Strategies

Keith Perske has spent a career at the intersection where technology and the work environment collide. Keith works at EBusiness Strategies, a virtual (but very real) company that helps organizations align technology, work practices and workplaces to enable employees to make choices about how they can best be productive. Keith ran Group 5 Consulting; a group that helped companies make their workforces mobile. He worked in the real estate group at Sun Microsystems when they built the world’s largest worker mobility program on the planet. He’s also been a VP at HOK architects and at a big bank. Keith is a sought after speaker, writer, consultant and educator on the changing nature of work and what to do about it. He lives and works just outside of Austin with his wife, their twins and a koi named Hoover.

Kevin Purdy Freelance Writer Fast Company

Kevin Purdy is a freelance writer, a former contributing editor at Lifehacker, and the author of The Complete Android Guide and Google+: The Missing Manual. He organized the first TEDxBuffalo, hosts a weekly podcast, In Pod Form, and contributes to Fast Company, ITWorld, and TechRepublic, among other publications. He lives in Buffalo, NY.

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