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Can Washington Make Your App Illegal?

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So you've worked for months writing code, assembling creative, and testing out your app until it it's finally ready for mass consumption. The App Store has approved it and you are getting solid reviews. But how are you storing your users' registration information? Have you taken adequate steps to ensure its authenticity? Do you know how old your users are or what information is being passed on to advertisers? A wrong answer to these questions could land you in hot water with the authorities. And Congress is considering regulations to strictly monitor the relationships you have with your customers. Our panel discusses avoiding privacy pitfalls. Experts will share their experiences negotiating with Congress and explain how to modify your app to avoid enforcement action by regulators.


Ahmed Siddiqui CEO, Developer Go Go Mongo

Ahmed Siddiqui is a Tech Entrepreneur with a focus in educational gaming for children. By combining mobile technology with great character story lines, Ahmed has found a way to inspire children to reach for cauliflower and beyond. Ahmed's first game, Go Go Mongo! is available on the Apple iTunes App store.

In addition to running his own startup, Ahmed also coordinates the Startup Weekend Events for the San Francisco Bay Area. Here, Ahmed inspires first time entrepreneurs to go from concept to startup in 54 hours. By using Lean methodologies, Ahmed helps form high performing teams, validate the ideas with real customers, and build enduring business models.

Prior to becoming a Tech Entrepreneur, Ahmed was a Business Intelligence and Performance Management Managing Consultant with IBM Global Business Services. He has valuable skills and experience in project leadership, high-level strategic design, data modeling, dashboarding, KPI discovery, and C-suite analytics.

Jonathan Godfrey Comm Dir Association for Competitive Technology

Jonathan Godfrey leads ACT media outreach efforts often speaking about innovation in the mobile space as an engine of economic growth and job creation. Before joining ACT, Jonathan was communications director for the House Judiciary Committee and led Congress to the adoption of its earliest interactive communications strategies.

Mike Sax Pres

My name is Mike Sax. I enjoy helping to build apps, companies, and communities.

I’ll be speaking on Monday about apps and privacy.

My latest endeavor is Asigo, a new company that will change how small businesses make decisions. Building a truly revolutionary product is a ton of work and often feels like riding a roller coaster, but it’s also tons of fun and building something that nobody ever thought was possible makes it all worth it.

I’m also founder and Chairman of ACT, a trade association of app developers. We bring the world of politics and software makers together to engage in a dialog about policy. Helping them better understand each other, hoping better laws will come out of this process. We also help app developers become more successful.

In the past, I’ve been involved in a number of iPhone apps. My first app actually reached the #3 spot in the global iTunes Top 100 for a while. I love building apps because everyone understands what they are, the development cycle is quick, and it deliciously combines creativity and engineering.

I would love it if you could come to my talk on Monday. I promise you that it’ll be engaging and you’re learn a few things. Please send me a message if you’d like to meet up to exchange ideas. That’s why we’re all here, isn’t it?

@mikesax on twitter, mikesax on Facebook, on the web.

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