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Geo Interfaces for Actual Humans

#sxsw #GeoHumans


Location, Location, Location!!! These days people are excited to find and share web content using location data. Flickr has helped lead this with innovative concepts such as reverse geolocation, and more recently with the geoprivacy feature Geofence. The concepts and technologies involved in making these a reality are complicated and still emerging.

In this talk, We will explain how interfaces can be designed and developed to guide users into understanding these complicated concepts while having fun. We will also spend some time talking about how these technologies are implemented at the scale of Flickr which is currently the largest repository for geotagged photos. Finally, we will answer questions on how to use our APIs to create better geo-based experiences with your own internet-enabled projects.


Eric Gelinas Sr Front-End Engineer Flickr

I make stuff on Flickr and have been complicating dinner checks for years

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