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Using Psychology to Increase e-Commerce Conversion

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If you could only get inside your customer's head, it would be so much easier to get them to buy on your website. Fortunately, there are several powerful psychological tricks that you can use to convince your prospects to buy from you and help them smoothly make it through the purchase process. This presentation will dive into the psychological principles that are being used effectively by e-commerce websites in both B2C and B2B selling. You'll gain a better understanding of why your customers behave the way they do on your site. You'll be armed with a toolkit of principles and examples that you can take and apply to your e-commerce website. These ideas will help you improve conversion rates, customer experience, engagement, and your company's bottom line.



Joe Rawlinson Sr e-Commerce Prod Mgr National Instruments

Joe Rawlinson specializes in improving online sales, leads, and efficiency through the B2B e-commerce channel. As a Senior e-Commerce Product Manager and Strategist at National Instruments, Joe defines the strategy of several key e-commerce applications critical to both company and customer success.

Joe has worked with internet technologies, e-commerce, and online marketing since 1998. He is an entrepreneur, author, blogger, and consultant

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