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How to Win Friends and Influence Space Exploration

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Not unlike a zombie horde ready to devour red tape and uninspired project managers, this enthusiastic movement sees brains as valuable assets to take over the world. Learn why these people got so passionately involved in space, how they became good friends over the Internet, and what they’ve created to make measurable change toward a more awesome tomorrow. While established membership organizations struggle to survive, these Internet-enabled groups are flourishing with new members from far outside traditional demographic lines that are creating large-scale activities. If you don’t already know a space tweep, learn why you will.



Chris Radcliff Dir SpaceUp Foundation

Chris Radcliff is an author, software engineer, citizen scientist, and technology speaker. He founded SpaceUp, an unconference for the space community, and helped to create the Space Travelers Emporium, a storefront for the San Diego Space Society. He lives in San Diego, CA with his lovely wife Karen and their geeklet.

Dennis Bonilla Mgr of Design & Multimedia Valador Inc

Dennis communicates complex concepts using the best options available. He has used video games, websites, infographics, and social media platforms to inform and empower communities.

Dennis has created community-savvy federal websites, designed visualization software for NASA, and worked on federal documents presented to the U.S. President.

Dennis is currently the community manager for, works with the NASA Open Government team, and assists with data visualization projects throughout NASA.

Holly Griffith Flight Controller The Space Tweep Society Inc

Holly is a Mechanical Engineer who has worked in Mission Control at the Johnson Space Center for 8 years. She spent 7 years as a flight controller for the Space Shuttle Electrical Power System. When the Shuttle program ended, Holly transitioned to the International Space Station program as a flight controller in the maintenance and mechanisms group.
Holly is a co-founder of the Space Tweep Society, promoting enthusiasm for all things space & to unite those inside the space industry with those on the outside. She is a member of the Johnson Space Center Speakers Bureau, the JSC Social Media Working Group's Research & Innovation team, was selected as a NASA Tweetup Ambassador, and was an organizer for the NASA JSC TEDx Women’s Event.
Holly was selected as the May 2010 ‘Sock it to Me’ Cool Girl of the Month, named by the X-Prize Foundation as an Inspiring Woman in the Space Community, and listed as one of the Top 50 Twitterati for All Things Space by Big on Good Solutions.

Michael Doornbos Editor Evadot

Michael is the founder of and SpaceUp DC, the Product Designer at SimplyHome, and the author of the forthcoming book series "A New Kind of Hero". A security consultant, speaker, and podcaster, Michael helps companies find their true role on the fast-changing internet.

Ron Garan Astronaut NASA

Missions: NEEMO-9, STS-124 (Space Shuttle Discovery), ISS-27/28 (Soyuz)

Presently working on the Open Government Initiative

Fragile Oasis: strives to use the "Orbital Perspective" to inspire people to improve life on Earth

Unity Node: seeks to unite humanitarian organizations around the world through a universal open source collaboration platform

Manna Energy Foundation (Outside of service to NASA): Social enterprise incubator:

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