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Getting Experts on to Your Passion Project

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I've spent the last year working on a game and project to disrupt international development. I built an incredible team of advisors, developers, designers, nonprofits, and supporters around simply an idea, and around a person who had never completed a similar project. Furthermore--they donated their services in the beginning for free!This core conversation will talk about how to rally the best talent around an idea, even if you've never met them (and if the idea ultimately changes or fails).I'll also address diving into tech and gaming, only having a background in online publishing, music, and international relations. I'll talk about motivation, never giving up, and why projects like this are some of the best ways to address global issues and drive innovation. Finally--I'll close on how the project came together (and ultimately changed) and why everyone should have a passion project. Don't be afraid to fail...dive in!


Erica Berger New Prod & Writer Berger Works LLC/The Economist

I'm an NYC based writer and digital product manager who's active in the tech, social good, environmental, and independent music spaces.

I nerd out around international relations, resource management (natural and cultural), and on how technology is constantly changing our world.

By day, I'm at The Economist hustling new digital products and writing. By night, I edit NewBandDaily for my indie music fix, play the drums and keys, and work on a web app that just might change the way we think about spending money for good.

I'm a StartingBloc fellow, and moved to NYC in 2009 after extended adventures in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Europe. I love writing, food, yoga, travel, music, languages, talking about clean tech, and the outdoors too.

James Elbaor Special Projects Do Something

James C. Elbaor leads Special Projects Do, where he manages and spearheads numerous special projects advancing Do's efforts to empower youth action. Projects he has led include The 1 in 3 Campaign, The Weekend Without Oil and Tackle Hunger. In 2010 James was honored as an Echoing Green Fellowship Semi-Finalist for his work reforming student loans, founding the organization KR Student Loans (UniThrive). He is a Teaching Assistant at New York University for The Business of Not-For-Profit Management and is a contributing writer for The Huffington Post. James holds a BA from New York University's College of Arts and Science, where he majored in Philosophy and minored in Chemistry. He also believes that Red Bull is an alternate source of energy.

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