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Please Touch Me! Enterprise Delight via Multitouch

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Yes multitouch devices are all the rage among consumers. Yet enterprise software environments (aka, Big IT-driven Corps) are frantically playing catch up as "consumery mindsets" (with iPhones, iPads, Androids, etc.) are taking over the business world. How do you support having all these devices in IT-driven contexts? How do you design apps for such a world?

I propose an approach to design a product experience that enables "work & play anywhere from any device" to support IT-driven situations. Such a next-gen UX is based upon three core principles: Simplicity + Fluidity + Personality. The challenge is how to fold such concepts into a highly fragmented multitouch device market: iOS, Android, Blackberry, WebOS, Windows Phone 7, etc. Each has their own set of guidelines, patterns, and visual styles. Sure, Evernote and Netflix are recognized for being touchstones in achieving platform "consistency", but let's aim to go higher and deeper. What about simultaneity or complementarity or multi-device situations? How does a desktop PC fit into the equation? This talk will dramatize a year-long team journey of principles, prototypes, and workshops to deliver high-caliber enterprise multitouch software UX. Actually produced designs and working demos will be highlighted, not just concepts.



Uday Gajendar Principal Prod Designer Citrix Systems Inc

Uday Gajendar is a principal designer at Citrix Systems in Silicon Valley. He creates attractive, useful products that enable “work and play from anywhere”.

Uday brings a versatile mix of design experiences from Adobe, Oracle, Cisco, frog design and his own consulting with clients like Netflix and Linked In. He has published in ACM Interactions and spoken at events run by IDSA, IA Summit, DMI and others, on aesthetics, leadership, and design strategy. With degrees in industrial design (Michigan) and interaction design (Carnegie Mellon), Uday constantly pushes the critical thinking behind well-crafted pixels. He has also taught UI design fundamentals at San Jose State and participated in design thinking workshops led by Stanford, Kaiser, and LUMA.

You can read his thoughts on design at his blog, You can also find him on Twitter and Quora.

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