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Digital Divas: How Girls Rule the Digital Universe

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How can brands in low-interest, low-involvement categories truly engage women in the digital space? Which of women’s digital activities are purchase decision drivers vs. distractors? What do women really want from brands online? Ogilvy, Microsoft and Mindshare teamed up to tackle those questions and more with “Digital Divas,” a groundbreaking study of more than 12,800 women that reveals how the Venus-Mars analogy extends into the digital sphere: how women vs. men live and breathe online and what that means for brands. "Digital Divas" makes sense of the daunting deluge of data on women in the digital domain to tell the story of how women seek, share and shop across channels. We’ll discuss and debate some hot topics, like why women really “like” brands on Facebook and what a “like” is truly worth. We’ll share some surprising new digital developments, like what surpassed peer recommendations and store coupons in 2011 to become the No. 1 influencer of women’s online purchase decisions. And we’ll illustrate how even the least sexy brands are connecting with, captivating and cashing in on women in the digital domains they rule.


Dayna Dion Partner, Cultural Strategy Dir Ogilvy & Mather

Dayna Dion is a Cultural Strategy Director at Ogilvy & Mather in Chicago. Her role is to monitor the cultural landscape and help brands define their unique role within it. She recently conducted and published an ethnographic study on the post-recession state of the American Dream for Ogilvy’s client, American Family Insurance. She also studied cross-cultural myths and misconceptions about women over 50 to inform Dove’s Pro-Age campaign and explored physicians’ views on America’s health care system on behalf of the American Medical Association. Other topics Dayna has researched include changing demographic and migration patterns in the U.S., women’s health in developing countries and, most recently, women’s behavior in the digital space.

Outside of Ogilvy, Dayna serves on the Board of, a nonprofit organization devoted to fostering global awareness and cross-cultural understanding among students worldwide. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from Michigan State University’s Eli Broad College of Business and a Master of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University.

Graceann Bennett Managing Partner, Dir of Strategic Planning Ogilvy & Mather

Graceann joined Ogilvy in 2006 to lead the strategic planning department. Prior to joining Ogilvy, she headed up the strategic planning departments of Leo Burnett and Arnold Worldwide. She brings a wealth of experience beyond advertising and has honed her craft in a variety of environments including global marketing consulting, design, and media channel planning & research in London, New York and Boston. She is dedicated to thought leadership and recently architected two significant consumer study initiatives: The Global Man Study, a proprietary study of male attitudes and values around the world, and a collaborative and in-depth study with Yankelovich to explore the state of the Modern American Family.

Graceann led Ogilvy Chicago’s initiative to better understand the digital needs and behaviors of women. She published “Women in their Digital Domain: digital paths to seeking, sharing and shopping” a study done in collaboration with Microsoft and Mindshare.

Graceann also completed and published Eyes Wide Open. Wallet Half Shut, a study on the post recession consumer in partnership with Communispace that explores emerging values, mindsets and behaviors.

Graceann collaborated with Ogilvy NY in leading Ogilvy Earth’s U.S. and China study of the Green Gap as well as another study looking at tech-forward kids and their families predicting what the future will look like and how this group will lead us there.

Graceann is the Global Strategic Planning Director for Ogilvy’s Kimberly-Clark’s Huggies, Kotex and Corporate business.

During her career she has worked across several business sectors on many famous brands: Dove, Volkswagen, Guinness, Pepsi, Kimberly-Clark, Huggies, Weight Watchers, ABC Television, Wonderbra, American Medical Association, Truvia and Four Seasons Hotels, Pergo Flooring, Cole Haan.

Graceann is a graduate of Brigham Young University and has spent time at the Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies.

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