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Radically Open Cultural Heritage Data on the Web

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What happens when tens of thousands of archival photos are shared with open licenses, then mashed up with geolocation data and current photos? Or when app developers can freely utilize information and images from millions of books? On this panel, we'll explore the fundamental elements of Linked Open Data and discover how rapidly growing access to metadata within the world's libraries, archives and museums is opening exciting new possibilities for understanding our past, and may help in predicting our future. Our panelists will look into the technological underpinnings of Linked Open Data, demonstrate use cases and applications, and consider the possibilities of such data for scholarly research, preservation, commercial interests, and the future of cultural heritage data.



Adrian Stevenson Sr Technical Innovations Coord at Mimas, Dir at Manchester Jazz Festival & Guitarist Mimas University Of Manchester

I'm a Senior Technical Innovations Coordinator working as part of the libraries and archives team at Mimas, a national centre for technical innovations and data hosting based at the University of Manchester in the UK.

I'm currently working on a number of open data and linked data projects. 'Linking Lives' ( is using archival linked open data to build an interface based around names. I'm also working on an open data initiative called 'Discovery' ( which is promoting the idea of aggregatable open data for libraries, archives and museums. As part of this, I'm working on a World War One exemplar project that will be building an interface based on aggregated open data.

I'm one of the directors of the annual Manchester Jazz Festival. I blog about jazz, write occasional reviews for the the UK Jazzwise magazine website, and host a radio show on Manchester’s ALL FM 96.9 station.

I've played the guitar for a good many years in various bands, having put a few records out here and there - full music bio at I've become a bit of a jazzer of late, currently being mentored by the exceptional guitarist, Mike Walker ( I make regular appearances on the Manchester jazz circuit having played with many of the local musicians including Mike Walker, Iain Dixon (Bryan Ferry), Luke Flowers (Cinematic Orchestra).

Jon Voss Historypin Strategic Partnerships Dir We Are What We Do

Jon Voss is helping to build an open ecosystem of historical data across libraries, archives, and museums worldwide. In his work at the intersection of history and technology, he’s jumpstarting important projects ranging from the development of institutional infrastructure (like Linked Data, and game-changing conferences and working groups) to consumer facing web and mobile products.

Voss is the Historypin Strategic Partnerships Director at the London-based non-profit We Are What We Do. He's spoken at conferences like SXSW Interactive, Where2.0, Data2.0, SemTech, and recently lead workshops at the Smithsonian, New York Public Library and the Internet Archive.

Julie Allinson Digital Library Mgr University of York

I'm currently Digital Library Manager for the University of York, a job I've been doing for nearly 4 years. My main job is in managing the development of a multimedia Digital Library for the University, based on Fedora Commons software with custom bits and pieces. I'm also involved in funded projects and getting funding. I've been doing stuff around metadata and repository standards for a few years now, and have recently gotten interested in open and linked data. Beyond the day job I'm a wannabe coder, vegetable grower, pet owner and wife.

Rachel Frick Dir, Digital Library Federation Council on Library & Information Resources

Rachel Frick is the Director of the Digital Library Federation Program at the Council on Library and Information Resources(CLIR/DLF).
She is also a contributor to the Digital Public Library of America project, serving as the co-chair for the Content & Scope Workstream.

Previous to her work at CLIR, Rachel was a senior program officer at the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

Rachel has worked as a regional sales operative, medical circuit librarian, to digitizing civil war era newspapers at the University of Richmond.She holds an MSLS degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a BA in English literature from Guilford College, home of the fighting Quakers

She is devoted to her hound dog, LuLu, grew up during the eighties,drinks bourbon straight, and made her father proud when she was included in the 2008 Encyclopedia Britannnica Book of the Year as a digital librarian.

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