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Data Is the New Oil: Wealth and Wars on the Web

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In the 21st century, we’re experiencing the dawn of a new fuel: Data. Multibillion-dollar industries, from search engines to social networking to online advertising, have been built on the aggregation of personal data, information the World Economic Forum likens to a “new type of raw material … on par with capital and labor.”We believe a new war will soon breakout, a War on Data. And we're ready to go to battle. Two personal data experts, Owen Tripp, co-founder and COO of and World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, and DJ Patil, Data Scientist in Residence at Greylock and former Chief Scientist at LinkedIn, encourage businesses and entrepreneurs to disrupt the status quo through data. Old businesses and dynasties will be toppled as new disruptors fight back with innovative use of data.Join Owen Tripp and DJ Patil to learn which top industries stand to be disrupted by data innovators.


DJ Patil Data Scientist in Residence Greylock Partners

Owen Tripp Co-founder / COO

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