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Spacebits: Awesomeness, Balloons, Space and DIY

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Slightly over a year ago we had this idea of trying to launch a ballon into the stratosphere (~100,000 feet) with a couple of cameras and get it back down safely.

Since then we've launched 6 balloons and successfully recovered all of them.

We learned a lot in the process: how inert gases cannot explode but can instead make other things explode, how to calculate volumes and weights appropriately to attain the desired height before the descent, how dropping the payload in salted water can be harmful for the cameras, how to put more and more sensors in the payload and still have it lift off, and how ideas that sometimes seem brilliant may cover hidden dangers (and extremely ridiculous moments).

We have also managed to gather dozens and dozens of people around this movement, up to the point of having 12 cars with 5 people each and lots of gear running after 3 balloons simultaneously. And did we tell you running away from wild animals?

Apart from telling (and showing) you all these things, we will also unveil our ideas for the future and answer your questions if you're planning to launch a HAB.



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