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Confessions of a Community Moderator

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Double agent. First Responder. Cheerleader.They’re all fair descriptors of the rising role of Community Manager. Whether you are one yourself or just morbidly curious about “the man behind the curtain,” you know there are incredible stories from those who have the rare opportunity to interact with both the brand and the customers.No matter how much they love their communities, moderators have their fair share of “I can’t believe this is happening” moments. All in real time. We’re here to confirm you are not alone. There is a community of Community Managers who have been in your shoes. Let’s come together to share, commiserate and learn about best practices in technology, fan management, governance and more from those representing Converse, Peanuts, Aveda, and Humana. Consider it your 12 Step Program. Don’t worry, all names will be changed to protect identities of the victims.



Annalise Kaylor Dir of Social Media Intrapromote

Annalise Kaylor built her first "social network" in 1992, when BBS's were all the rage and 14.4 bps was considered fast. She has been immersed in growing communities and expanding the role social media ever since, resulting in more than a decade of professional consulting experience.

Annalise's portfolio of work includes campaigns for small, family-owned businesses as well as Fortune 50 global organizations. Her work has been featured in numerous industry reports, including interviews with Mashable and Buddy Media.

When she isn't tweeting or updating her status, Annalise can be found flying planes (no, really!), playing her fiddle, or enjoying a Buffy the Vampire marathon.

Chris Gokiert Critical Mass

Heidi Skinner VP Social Media Critical Mass

A social media strategist and interactive marketing specialist, Heidi Skinner is Vice President of Social Media at Critical Mass. She drives the strategy and overall execution of integrated and innovative social media programs. With a proven track record of identifying high-impact opportunities that provide bleeding-edge distribution strategies for clients and brands, Heidi focuses on channel strategy and technology integration to take apps, influencer outreach and community management to drive profitable outcomes in the social space. Heidi also has more than 10 years of experience in direct response, media, advertising and public relations disciplines, including brand development.

Nina Kester Assoc Producer, Social Media Charles M Schulz Creative Associates & Peanuts Worldwide LLC

Originally from a small town in Maryland, Nina Kester attended the School of Visual Arts for Cartooning in Manhattan. There she redefined the social experience of Cartooning students at SVA through the Cartoonist Alliance and began her fascination with a little site called Facebook.

Since then Nina has volunteered time doing social web research for Scholastic Graphix, experimented in online community building for independent comic studios, run accomplished gorilla web marketing campaigns for Archie Comics and become the Associate Producer of Social Media for the PEANUTS brand, launching Snoopy's official presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare and Google+.

Rebecca Russell Community Mgr Anomaly

Rebecca grew up right outside of Chicago, and her fascination with all things digital was borne from a box of ill-placed floppy disks- which she investigated, used, and later reverse engineered for her own enjoyment. Since that time, she has become enamored with technology and media in all of their forms.

She now works for Anomaly as a community manager for an American shoe brand, a job which sits at the intersection of her backgrounds in both marketing and fashion design. Her work has been written about in publications such as Mashable and Forbes.

In her sparse free time, Rebecca enjoys a little bit of everything- from the Museum of Modern Art, to Reno 911.

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