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Viral Is a Dirty Word: Strategic Video Success

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“Viral.” No word in the interactive marketing lexicon derails strategic thinking quite as effectively. Everyone wants their video to go viral, but the fantasy of millions of people discovering a video for free (without media, PR and search strategies) leads to disappointment and disillusion. Few videos ever go viral, and fewer actually need to. Good interactive video strategies don’t just rely upon massive numbers of views. From VSEO (video search engine optimization) to interactive engagement, video offers opportunities that go far beyond the limitations of viral TV2.0 strategies. Engagement and meaningful KPI’s increase the value of video to global companies as well as neighborhood cake shops – regardless of any viral impact. Learn how to optimize your video strategy to pull the levers that matter most.



Jeremy Sanchez CEO Global Strategies

Jeremy has worked in digital marketing with a focus on search for the last 14 years. During this time, he saw the opportunities and challenges that existed in sizing, planning and executing search in large enterprises. Jeremy founded Global Strategies, an enterprise search consultancy, in 2004, aimed at targeting the inflection point of marketing and enterprise digital transformation. Global Strategies was acquired in 2007 by Neo@Ogilvy.

Jeremy’s work focuses on creating products and services that uniquely leverage search as both a research tool and a marketing channel. His work with P&G is still an industry standard for deploying search at scale.

What’s unique about him personally? He actually went to college on a caddie scholarship. You know, like the guy from the movie Caddie Shack. Yeah, he’s a real life Danny Noonan.

Jeremy lives in Bend, Oregon with his wife, son, and his dog named Wilson (yeah, named after Wilson in the movie Castaway).

Robert John Davis Exec Dir, Advanced Video Practice Ogilvy

Robert John Davis is an interactive media veteran in his 19th year of championing progressive new experiences and leading them to market. Currently Rob is engaged as Executive Director, Advanced Video Practice at Ogilvy and Worldwide Interactive Marketing Director.

Rob began working with interactive media in the decidedly narrow-band era of the early 1990’s. After running the creative side of IN Jersey, a pioneering ISP/ news site sold to Gannet, Rob launched the world’s first mass-audience interactive TV game show, MTV’s 1999 hit webRIOT, which pioneered "2 screen" iTV. As Executive Producer of Convergence for MTV Networks, Rob put interactivity at the forefront of the VH1, MTV and Nickelodeon brands. He later launched iTV shows on NBC, TBS, History Channel and GSN with Spiderdance, Inc.

More recently as VP of digital media operations at Rainbow Media, Rob revitalized the interactive businesses of the AMC, IFC and WE networks by transitioning them from static web sites to dynamic content experiences with interactive advertising and e-commerce businesses.

After completing his BA at the University of Scranton in 1990, Rob earned an MS in TV/Radio/Film from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University in 1993 and was later inducted into the alumni “wall of fame.”

Rob is an avid railroad historian and hockey fan. He lives in New Jersey with is wife, son, two Boxers and a cockatiel.

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