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Adprovising: Agile Marketing Made Easy

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Thanks to digital and social media, Marketers and Ad Agency folks have gone from having a one-way conversation with customers into a million-way conversation. We’ve added capabilities to create digital work. But that misses the point. What we really need to do is learn how to create work for a digital world. We know we need to be agile, but we don't know how to do it. "Moving quickly" doesn't play well with "covering your ass." We want everything: work that's creative, gets noticed, maximizes results and minimizes risk. (And, preferably, is affordable.) Adprovising is a simple set of rules to help us get there – joyfully stolen from the world of improv comedy and repurposed to suit our own needs.


Tim Leake Global Partnership Dir Hyper Island

For over 17 years, Tim has leveraged creativity to solve business problems for brands and advertising agencies. Used to be, those solutions were ads. Lately, it’s been a lot more interesting than that.

At Hyper Island, Tim helps individuals and companies learn how to do things nobody knows how to do yet. It’s not just about adapting to today’s digital world -- but tomorrow’s.

A lot of the time, that has to do with helping people and organizations understand the consequences of transformative technology, helping them adapt careers, processes and business models to deal with the disruption and effectively implementing change.

And turns out, it’s a lot of fun helping people.

Before joining Hyper Island full-time, he spent seven years at Saatchi & Saatchi NY, most recently as Creative Director and Director of Creative Innovation.

He got his start in the industry spending five years learning from the best at TBWA/Chiat/Day in Los Angeles, and had the privilege of working on world-famous efforts like the Energizer Bunny and Taco Bell Chihuahua campaigns.

Other agencies and brands he has collaborated with (pre-Hyper Island) include Dentsu, Colby & Partners, Digitas, FCB, MSNBC, Toyota, General Mills, JCPenney, American Express, Bally Fitness, Wherehouse Music, Qwest, California Avocado Commission, Disney Channel, Warner Bros., eToys, Mervyn's, Earth Day Network, Suzuki, Unocal 76 and Kinko’s.

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