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Rise of the Social Spammers

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Are you a social spammer? Is the social sphere simply supplying brands with new and interesting channels in which to spam people? Brands want to be relevant to their audience, but many marketers believe personalization of every message and interaction is far too difficult, time consuming, and too expensive. So some have just settled for second best, making do with their current “mass blast” marketing systems – are they now going to try that via social channels? Engaging marketing isn’t as hard as you think...In his presentation, Scott Briggs, Sr. Director of Social Strategy and Insights, will provide hard facts and examples indicating how consumers call out specific brands to address the issue of relevance. He will show how marketers can become more relevant quickly by utilizing data assets they’ve been capturing, storing, and all but ignoring. The presentation will also provide practical social insights into how brands can measureand refine their strategies immediately.


Scott Briggs Sr Dir, Social Strategy & Insights Alterian

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