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Enterprise Mobile App Solutions

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No one resides at their desk anymore, and carrying a laptop around is tedious. The recent advancements in smartphone and tablet technology has given corporations the platform to provide their workforce with the tools needed to perform at the level that is needed in today's fast paced corporate world. Erik McMillan, CEO of BestFit Mobile, and Chris Mankle, CTO of ACS, a Xerox Company, will talk about the different technologies and applications that you can use to mobilize your workforce. Arrive early as this event will fill up fast.



Chris Mankle CTO ACS

Chris Mankle is chief technology officer for IT Outsourcing in ACS, A Xerox Company.

Before joining ACS in 2008, Mankle worked as a chief technologist for HewlettPackard
Communications Media and Entertainment business unit's CTO office. He
was responsible for leading the technical aspects of successful H-P solutions and
partner technologies.

Prior to Hewlett-Packard, he worked for Applied Reasoning as a vice president of
services. While in this role, Mankle was responsible for providing strategic
leadership and management of customer projects. He also served a principal
network design engineer for Sprint and as a wireless field engineer for Motorola.

Mankle is a proven leader in technological innovation, supporting business and
market goals across a variety of industries. His accomplishments include innovative
work with systems architecture, applied technology, software application
development, and information technology systems. By mastering these, he has
successfully coordinated company business units with technology units and
increased alignment of current and future services.

Mankle leads the CTO Office in driving and delivering innovation, developing and
executing a strategy, recommending the best solutions, creating a vision, promoting
innovative solutions, and identifying & driving new business opportunities.

Mankle holds a bachelor of business degree from University of Texas, and a master
of business degree from University of Notre Dame.

Erik McMillan CEO BestFit Mobile

Erik McMillan is President & CEO at BestFit Mobile, an agency which helps brands and corporations make the powerful transition to mobile. An entrepreneur and child of the internet from birth, Erik's education and experience is centered on harnessing the unbridled power and opportunity that has disrupted every industry on earth. His experience spans business, technology, marketing consulting, planning, development, and management for a wide range of projects across retail, education, energy, healthcare, real-estate, manufacturing, service, and government sectors. McMillan maintains an in-depth understanding of how and why information technology advances business and marketing performance. Erik has consulted companies around the world on mobile, web-enabled, secure, technology and marketing projects.

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