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How Your Data Can Predict the Future

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Today, we have data – lots of it. We can process information – in many ways. We have models to understand our process. With these tools and a dash of creativity, we are discovering surprising patterns of human behavior and by extension, a way to accurately predict our desires and our future. In fact, we can quantify movements, behaviors, desires, and moods on a scale that wasn’t possible before a series of advances in processing power, developments in psychology, the science of social networks and collaboration, and most importantly, access to data. As we have evolved from Web 1.0 to 4.0 – in this anticipatory era – what will we dream up next? Beyond addressability and ad relevance, marketing initiatives and product development, how else can businesses utilize these advances? In advertising, industry, & humanity, can we make the leap from inductive logic to intuition? Can we supplement our brain mechanics with these new tools to finally predict what makes us happy?



Becky Wang VP Dir of Research & Analytics Saatchi & Saatchi NY

Becky Wang has worked in storytelling via data, media, and technology for the last decade+ in tech start-ups, finance, government, and the film/TV business. Currently, she leads the research and analytics practice at Saatchi & Saatchi NY and look for patterns in data to tell a story. In previous lives, she has overseen sales, channel/partner development, and US operations and digital product development for business media, film, TV, and social media. Yes, she reads. A lot.

Most recently, Becky ran US sales and business development for PeopleBrowsr, a social analytics company. Prior to that, she worked as a digital marketing consultant to entertainment groups including Laura Ziskin Productions, Sony Entertainment, and EIF. In addition to digital marketing, she has held management and executive positions with an organizational focus in contextual data mining, semantic analysis, and web analytics for firms such as Revere Data, CNET, Washington Mutual.

Fun fact: She was once a go-go dancer for live Sandra Bernhardt shows.

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