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The State of Browser Developer Tools

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Your browser is the most important program on your computer and until recently there were no built-in, industrial-strength tools available for debugging web pages. As web apps become more sophisticated, so do the debugging environments. Representatives of the major browsers discuss the similarities (and differences) between the tools and we look at how they address the needs of the 2012 developer: debugging Web Workers, tweaking CSS colors to perfection, remote debugging of mobile devices and all the other functions that make in-browser development as easy as falling off a console.log().



Brandon Satrom Developer Evangelist Telerik

Garann Means JavaScript Engineer

I've been a front-end developer for about four years. Before that I was a back-end developer (.NET and Java). I've spoken at a handful of conferences on various topics related to front-end dev and back-end JavaScript, and I'm the author of "Node for Front-End Developers" from O'Reilly. I'm the organizer of Austin All-Girl Hack Night and Girl Develop It Austin.

Joe Stagner Sr Program Mgr Developer Technologies Mozilla Corporation

Mike Taylor Web Opener Opera Software

Mike Taylor is a Web Opener on the Developer Relations and Tools Team for Opera Software.

Paul Irish Chrome Developer Advocate Google Inc

Paul Irish is a front-end developer who loves the web. He is on Google Chrome's Developer Relations team as well as jQuery's.

He develops the HTML5 Boilerplate, the HTML5/CSS3 feature detection library Modernizr, CSS3 Please, and other bits and bobs of open source code.

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