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Learn to Code and Make the Software You Want

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You're a "product person," the "idea guy," the "business gal."Let's face it: You don't know how to code and it's killing your creativity and your career.Learn from two people who went from "business guys" to lead developers of venture-backed startups in less than a year.After attending this talk, you will not only be convinced it's possible for you to learn to code but have a roadmap on how to do it.Attendees who bring their (Mac) laptops will also be given an opportunity to follow along, as they write tiny bits of code and take the first steps of their new life as people who don't ask for what they want, but make what they want!Come join us! Empower yourself! Learn to code.



Nate Westheimer Co-Founder Picturelife Inc

Vinicius Vacanti CEO Yipit

Co-Founder and CEO of Yipit, a service that aggregates and recommends local deals by learning your tastes.

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