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Tech Unity Beyond the #SpecialNeeds Hashtag

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Special needs communities unite! This brainstorming session will take a look at how some people have been able to harness the power of online community to bring special needs parents together. We will look at what social tools work and don't work when parents look for ways to get support for their special needs kids. Talk to a special needs parent and you'll realize, this community does not come together often enough to share how we make advocating for our children work. This is not a session looking to find funding for our child's challenges. This is a conversation where anyone with a link to any type of special need can talk about the need for community and advocacy in a culture where abilities of all types should be celebrated.



Jen Lee Reeves Mom Advocate Born Just Right LLC

Reeves is passionate about social media and advocacy. In the journalism world, she manages KOMU-TV8's online properties and teaches new media at the Missouri School of Journalism. She was a member of the inaugural class of the Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellowship in 2008-09. She helped found the SMC Mid-MO and is currently Vice President. Reeves speaks on the power of social media in business, journalism and the higher education world.

Reeves is also a self-described "mom advocate" at Born Just Right where she shares stories and lessons as a parent of a child who was born with a physical difference. She is married with two kids and two dogs. Reeves is a fan of technology, running and photography.

Kate Canterbury Consultant

Kate’s business card has the official title of Social Media Junkie. She is constantly amazed by the capabilities of social media to connect and inform. When not working, Kate is an advocate for special needs and is passionate about exploring the ways social media can bring the special needs community together.

She is also a mom to twins, wife to one, and friend to many. She writes about trying to do it all, some it well on her personal blog The Guavalicious Life.

Robert Rummel-Hudson Author St Martin's Press

Robert Rummel-Hudson's memoir, Schuyler’s Monster: A Father’s Journey with His Wordless Daughter, tells the story of raising a little girl with a disability and learning to become the father she needs. It was published in February 2008 by St. Martin's Press and was released in trade paperback in January 2009.

In February 2008, Rummel-Hudson's article about Schuyler, “Love Beyond Words,” was published in Good Housekeeping. Schuyler’s Monster was reviewed in People (3.5 out of 4 stars) and was excerpted in Wondertime in March 2008. He and his family have been featured on American Public Radio’s "Weekend America", WFAA’s "Good Morning Texas" and KERA’s "Think with Krys Boyd".

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