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The Visual Interface Is Now Your Brand

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Like it or not, the digital world has changed at a wicked pace and more and more interactions between companies and customers now happen via an interface. Careful consideration of the software's design is of paramount importance to any company wishing to grow their customer base or loyalty. At the center of this change sits the user experience, which has become a huge influence in how customers perceive a company's brand. Traditional marketing principles and practices aren’t effective in software. So how do you create an experience that is usable, desirable, and still stands out? Myers, an interface and brand specialist in design, marketing, and development for 16 years, will highlight the differences of software from other forms of media, you’ll gain insight for creating a truly unique experience that guides executives and teams, and can influence your company’s culture. You’ll learn new techniques such as defining the ideal experience, exploring first impressions with visual language studies, and designing signature interactions. These techniques build a memorable experience that’s hard for your competitors to mimic and your customers will fall in love with.



Nick Myers Managing Dir, Visual Design & Branding Cooper

Nick Myers is managing director of visual design & branding at Cooper where he directs teams to design experiences across a variety of digital products and services. He helps companies craft interfaces and brands that are both unique and engaging, yet authentic and useful. During his time at Cooper, he has lead the design of many digital visual systems and worked on the design of personalized health predication, mobile EMRs, executive tablet news reading, portfolio and wealth management, in-home patient care, 3D home redecoration, photo sharing, mobile outsourcing of tasks, virtualization, medical informatics, geological exploration, street parking and the smarter city, and even check fraud.

He is an instructor for Cooper U and Rock Health, a health startup incubator, and writes for the Cooper Journal. His designs have received several awards since he began working as a designer in 1996. Nick has many managerial duties at Cooper where he guides the business and strategy of the company alongside other practice leads.

Major clients include: 100+, Abbott Labs, AG Edwards, Allstate, American Express, Autodesk, Barclays, Carl Zeiss, Chevron, Citrix, Dell, GE, GM, McKesson, Merrill Lynch, NetApp, Nokia Siemens, Office Depot, Practice Fusion, Rock Health, Safeway, TaskRabbit, Thomson Reuters, United Healthcare, Wellpoint.

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