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I May "Like" You, but I'm Not in Like with You

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So people “like” your brand on Facebook. Big deal.

Many brands have become slaves to the “like” button. They give away valuable stuff in return for a passive thumbs-ups, never realizing that this behavior could actually be cheapening their customer relationships.

“Likes" come easy, but real relationships come with real exchange and sacrifice. The laws of currency show that people value something more when they have to give something to get it. And if brands can provide experiences that solve real problems, they can ask for more in return. What can brands offer customers so that they have more skin in the game?

In this session, we will look closely at examples of a deeper, more balanced value exchange between consumers and brands. We will discuss strategies to uncover what your brand has to offer, and what your most valuable customers can give in return.



Chloe Gottlieb SVP, ECD, Interactive Design R/GA

Chloe is responsible for leading and managing R/GA’s Interaction Design department— one of the three creative teams at R/GA, along with copy and visual design. In this role, she provides the vision for the largest Interaction Design team at any agency—and encourages the creation of user-centered experiences that integrate outbound and inbound communications. Through Chloe’s leadership, the Interaction Design team has been instrumental in much of the groundbreaking work at R/GA, including Nike Plus and Nokia Vine.

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