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Europe Is Different, so Adapt Your Strategy!

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Nowadays, everyone seems to be focused on China as the worlds 'next' market. However, the European Union has a larger combined economy than the US, with the largest markets within it being Germany, France, the UK and Italy. With European social media use dominated by Facebook, you might assume that the an identical platform allows for easy application of US-focused social media marketing approaches to the countries of the EU.

It couldn't be further from the truth - From tonality, to the willingness to share, to the topics of data security and privacy: In terms of being social online, Europe is different from the US. And Europe is different from Europe. Therefore: adapt your measures! If you want to successfully market your brand and products on a pan-European level – this is the session you need to attend!



Bastian Scherbeck Managing Dir We Are Social Deutschland GmbH

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