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The Frontline Report of Japanese Interactive Arts

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Dentsu, a Japanese advertising giant has been trying a new frontier of marketing in a society where virtually everybody has high speed mobile Internet connection. In this session, by introducing the cutting-edge Japanese Interactive Arts, we will reveal why those unique arts were born and how they have been received, supported and evaluated by mobile-driven Japanese society. This panel will tell you what it is like to live in 24/7 connected communication infrastructure and show where the future of mobile marketing is heading.



Daito Manabe Artist / Programmer Rhizomatiks

Kensuke Sembo Web Planner/Technical Dir exonemo/nuuo

Kensuke Sembo, an Artist, WEB director, WEB programmer, a member of an art unit "EXONEMO," a co-founder of web planning company "nuuo(," and a co-founder and director of creative unit "AAAAAAAAAA(A10, "
In EXONEMO, he read number of WEB projects, installations, and live performances which always destroyed and re-defined existing framework. On the other hand, he plays a role of planner/director for interactive activities between WEB and a real world at "nuuo."
Major works as Planner/Technical Director/Designer are; “Big Shadow (” for Microsoft XBox360, “Akarium Call (,” Mall promotion for Harajuku Omotesando Keyaki society, “蹴メNIKE” for NIKE, “IS Parade(” for KDDI, etc.
Awarded many times at Prix Ars Electronica, Cannes International Advertising Festival, Asia-Pacific Ad Festival, Japan Interactive Ad Award, etc.

Motoi Ishibashi Artist/Engineer 4nchor5 La6

Born 1975. Studied control system engineering at the Tokyo Institute of Technology followed by mechanical engineering and image processing engineering at the International Academy of Media Arts and Science in Gifu, Japan, thus initiating the foray into digital media production.
Currently pursuing new artistic methods in embracing the visual environment as well as devising engineering solutions for art production and public interactive spaces. Began the “DGN Co.,Ltd.” in 2006 in the development of creating designs and devices for interactive systems.
Began geek’s labratory “4nchor5 la6” with Daito Manabe in 2008.
2011 Prix Ars Electronica Interactive Art Awards of Distinciton.
2011 Japan Media Art Festival Excellent prize

Yasuharu Sasaki Exec Creative Dir Dentsu

Yasuharu is a kayaker,
riding the rivers of Japan and abroad.
There is no digital or analog sense on the river.

He thinks it is most important to find what moves your heart.
That applies within the creative world as well.
He rides the raging rivers of the changing media in a teeny tiny kayak.

But along the way he has collected some floating awards
from D&AD, One Show, Cannes Lions, Webby, Clio, Adfest, Spikes
and has been judges of all these awards as well.

2011 Cannes Cyber Lions Gold, Silver and Bronze
2011 One Show Interactive Gold
2011 AdFest Grand Prix and Golds

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