This is the archived SXSW 2012 schedule. Please see the current schedule here. Breaking the Mold for eGovernment

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Iap11724's recent redesign delivers a fully immersive, search-centric, data-driven, and user sourced experience. Find out how the team in Utah has redefined online government using emerging technology, a cutting-edge layout and over four years of analytics.

The’s team revolutionized what a government search can be; displaying more enriched information based on location and time relevance and integrating social media at every level. User searches on Utah.Gov display immediately and include services, forms, jobs, and related agencies.

The team also leveraged technology to address browser variance, as saw a 400% increase in non-desktop use in the past two years. The new site delivers optimal experience to users regardless of device or browser.

This panel will discuss the team's process, along with the research and analytics that supported the design choices which led to the creation of the new "gold standard for government."


David Fletcher Chief Technology Officer State of Utah

Hillary Hartley Dir of Integrated Mktg NIC Inc

Jonathan Higley Web Designer Utah Interactive

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