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Time Bandits: The Next Revolution in Social

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In the last decade, Facebook and other social networks have focused on mapping and documenting our existing relationships. The recent rise of Twitter and Foursquare has transitioned the emphasis to what is happening right now in our lives and the lives of those around us. With the past and present of our lives established online, the next frontier is future-tense social networking. Learn from both established players as well as new startups exploring ways for users to share plans and facilitate real-world connections. Will these new location services enable intent-based marketing? Can they disrupt the advertising and marketing industries in tangible, long-lasting ways? We have brought together the brightest minds in mobile social networking to debate how future-tense social networking will revolutionize the way we live, shop, and play.


Aaron Strout Head of Location Based Mktg WCG

Aaron is the head of location based marketing at integrated marketing agency, WCG. At WCG, Aaron not only focuses on helping customers with mobile marketing and location based marketing but also helps provide social voice for the company. In this role, Aaron continues with his speaking, blogging (recently syndicated on, podcasting and social networking activities with an eye toward creating awareness and lead generation for WCG. Prior to joining WCG, Aaron spent time as the CMO of social media agency, Powered Inc., VP of social media at Mzinga and director of interactive at Fidelity Investments.

In addition to his knowledge of the interactive and social media landscape, Aaron has more than 17 years of online marketing and advertising experience, with a strong background in integrated and online marketing. Last but not least, Aaron is also the co-author of the book, Location Based Marketing for Dummies (Wiley).

Ben Bloch Co-Founder Whim

Ben is a software engineer and entrepreneur based in San Francisco, CA.

After some time working with startups including Foodspotting, Ben co-founded a startup focused on making it easier to meet up with friends quickly and casually.

Whim, launched in December for iOS, "allows you to put a group of people together for an anti-event, or something that doesn’t require much planning, and allows the group to decide where it wants to go." - Drew Olanoff, The Next Web.

After Whim's launch, Ben and his co-founder Emmanuel Pozo continue to work full-time to improve the experience of meeting up with friends on a whim and plan to reveal a massive evolution towards that goal as SxSw nears.

Jyri Engestrom Founder & CEO Ditto

I am founder and CEO of Ditto, a mobile communication app for exchanging recommendations and sharing what you're up to. I cofounded Jaiku, which quickly grew into the leading European microblogging service and was acquired by Google in 2007.

At Google I was Product Manager of mobile applications including Mobile Calendar and the Gmail Mobile client, and started up social products including Google Buzz, Google Profiles, and Google Latitude.

I am an advisor/angel investor in (acquired by AOL), Applifier, Appsfire, Betabrand, Mobclix (acquired by Velti), Sofanatics, Superfeedr, Thinglink, Valkee, and Xiha.

Before founding Jaiku I was Senior Product Manager, Internet Handhelds at Nokia. A sociologist by training, I am sometimes noted for coining the term ‘social object’ to refer to photos, bookmarks, and other shareable Web content. I blog at

Kathryn Tucker CEO & Founder RedRover

Kathryn Tucker is Founder and CEO of RedRover, a local, mobile and social product for the parent demographic. Prior to founding RedRover, Kathryn produced award-winning independent feature films and documentaries. She holds a degree in Philosophy from Tulane University and won a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship for a project in installation art. She lives in NYC’s West Village with her two children and dog Rosy.

Rene Pinnell CEO & Designer Forecast

René Pinnell is CEO and Co-Founder of Hurricane Party, a free iPhone app that makes it easy and fun to create spontaneous events with your friends. He has lived in Austin for the past 28 years, experiencing SXSW as a film director, tech entrepreneur, and music fan. His favorite moment at SXSW was in 2010 when Bill Murray poured shots behind the bar at Shangri-La (

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