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How Simulations Can Change the Future of Learning

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Humans learn by doing. We master how to ride a bike not by watching a PowerPoint presentation but by trying it out and falling down. Yet, in school, most of our time is spent listening and memorizing facts. But the world is changing. As computer games become more social and computers become more prevalent in the classroom, the opportunity for true interactive multi-player learning through games and simulations is finally becoming tangible.

This interactive presentation will focus on how simulations can change the way we learn. Using examples from corporate training and the K-12 space, it will explore how simulations can teach children and adults in ways that increase engagement and retention of knowledge.

The presentation will include examples of both successful and unsuccessful simulations and chart a path of how simulations can revolutionize education by allowing learners – both young and old – to internalize knowledge through the process of learn-by-doing.



Bjorn Billhardt CEO Enspire Learning

Bjorn founded Enspire Learning in 2001 with the vision to change the way people learn. He has been a speaker at conferences such as Training, ASTD, and ISPI, and he has helped clients such as Microsoft, Bank of America, Harvard Business School, and the World Bank develop successful leadership development programs. Bjorn conducted training classes in Europe and the US as a consultant and corporate trainer for BAAN, a Dutch software company, and he also worked for McKinsey & Company, a strategic management consulting firm. A native of Hamburg, Germany, Bjorn holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a dual BA/BBA from the University of Texas, where he is an alumnus of the Plan II and the Business Honors Program.

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