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Taming the Market in Your Pocket

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As mobile purchasing becomes increasingly prevalent, online marketplaces need to offer apps that help both buyers and sellers. But which is better, a single app that facilitates both sides of the transaction? Or separate apps that are targeted to each role? And what happens when you have customers who transact on both sides of that equation? Panelists will debate the benefits to having apps that are all-in-one versus apps that are user-specific. And they will discuss development strategy for webapps, native apps and dueling platforms.


Andrew Vilcsak Mobile Platform Lead Airbnb

Michael Shim VP of Mobile Partnerships Groupon

Rob Veres GM/Sr Dir RedLaser/eBay Inc

Rob is Senior Director of Mobile at eBay Inc., and General Manager of RedLaser, a leading shopping application. With more than eighteen million downloads, you may have seen people using their mobile phones to scan barcodes in stores — or you may have scanned a few yourself, to find the best deals online or locally. Except for a three-year detour to business school and a startup, Rob has been with eBay since 2001, mostly in product management and corporate strategy. Rob holds engineering degrees from Cornell University and Santa Clara University, and an M.B.A. from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

Tamara Mendelsohn VP of Mktg Eventbrite

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