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Big Brands and You: Make the Love Connection

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Brands want a piece of the social media pie. Content creators want to make money without compromising their voice and audience. The Rolling Stones once said you can’t always get what you want. But they were wrong. Big brands and content creators can get what they want while working together. Many brands and content creators collaborate in ways that bring value to their shared audiences. It just takes a little care, and a lot of trust. Panelists Alejandra Carvallo from Intel and one of the all time most subscribed personalities on YouTube, Craig Benzine (aka Wheezy Waiter), show what’s worked for them and earned hundreds of thousands of views of their content.


Alejandra Carvallo US Shopper Mktg Mgr Intel

Alejandra Carvallo is currently Manager of shopping marketing with responsibility for demand generation in the US. Alex joined Intel Americas in 2005, as Manager of the Consumer Marketing Campaign for Hispanics in the USA. She has over 15 years of hi-tech marketing experience creating successful campaigns for a electronic products. She has worked in both South America and the US for Alcatel, Stanford Telecom and Bell Canada.

A native Venezuelan, she earned her bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering from the Simon Bolivar University, Caracas, and obtained her MBA from Regis University, Denver. Alex spends her days being a marketing expert for intel and being a wife and mom of two for her family, always striking the work/life balance - trying to, at least.

Craig Benzine Video Creator Craig Benzine

Over the past 5 years Craig Benzine has made a lot of comedic online video, quite a lot. Currently he has over 600 videos on his youtube channel, WheezyWaiter, and a subscriber base aproaching 400,000.
His fastpaced, absurdly humorous videos tend to involve news commentary, an odd assortment of characters (whale, eagle, army of clones), recuring jokes and whatever topic is on his mind.
Since Craig's rise to youtube prominence he's had the opportunity to work with many brands and non-profits including Intel, GE, 20th Century Fox, Virgin Mobile, Brisk,, and more.
Someday he hopes to read some books about business and hire some actual employees because this thing is getting quite overwhelming.

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