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Erasing Lines Between Physical and Digital Worlds

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Your mobile device can tap into an invisible highway, the lifeblood of the digital world, in exciting and wholly unexpected ways. It can show you where you are, let you digitally check in to your location, measure how fast and far you’ve run or analyze your car’s performance. Ogmento and PDP Mobile are working on two very different ways to erase these digital barriers. While Ogmento strives to overlay the digital world onto the real world by bringing real-world ties to locations and brands to a device, PDP is creating a physical connection to the digital world with unique hardware that joins people with their devices. Representatives from both companies will discuss the directions that digital life is taking and how you and your mobile device are going to draw closer together, whether you’re carrying your city in your pocket or monitoring your health in real time through an earclip. We’re not in the Matrix yet, but suddenly the idea doesn’t seem like sci-fi anymore.


Brian Selzer Pres, Co-founder Ogmento

Brian Selzer is the President, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Ogmento, Inc., a developer and publisher of location-based, augmented reality games and entertainment.

As a pioneering creative executive, Brian has made his career pushing the boundaries of digital media and interactive entertainment. He has created, produced, marketed and distributed online and mobile content to a client list that includes Fox, Universal, Warner Brothers, Sony, Activision, EA, Marvel, Hasbro, Nike, Lego, NBA and many others.

Brian is also a recognized speaker at industry events and a sought after advisor for augmented reality initiatives.

Peter Gould VP PDP Mobile

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