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Welcome to the Chaos: The Distributed Workplace

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The benefits of working in a distributed work environment are many. No overhead for office real estate, no employee commutes, flexible work hours, the ability to hire talent where it resides. But what are the pain points? Can working in a distributed workplace be done successfully? Workplaces often provide camaraderie; how do you get that when you’re working in isolation? How do you measure productivity when you can’t see what employees are working on? How do you ensure your employer recognizes your contributions? Since our start in August 2005, Automattic, best known for its work on, has employed people from all over the world. We don’t have formal offices; instead we choose to hire the most talented people to work from where they’re already located. What lessons have we learned? What should be avoided?



Lori McLeese HR Lead Automattic

Lori loves to laugh, travel, and write. She’s been fortunate to visit 44 countries and looks forward to exploring more. She loves hearing people’s stories and having the opportunity to live a day or two in their reality. Professionally, she helps make great companies even better through human resources and operational work. She’s currently working with the wonderful folks at Automattic (best known for Previously, she was at Room to Read, Mervyn’s, CMP Media, and Oracle.

Nikolay Bachiyski Iñtërnâtiônàlizætiønër Automattic

I am Nikolay and a I am long-time WordPress contributor. I spend my
busy time working for Automattic – the company behind and other cool stuff.

I also teach at Sofia University, organize TEDxBG, and have a bear.

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