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Building Community Engagement Around Open Content

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Meet the team that undertook the initiative of opening up one of Harvard College’s most popular undergraduate course, “Justice” with Michael Sandel ( Find out how their focus on social integration increased engagement and online discussion on the Justice site and other social platforms, empowering the audience to join open conversations creating a global intellectual resource. Hear how the team shifted focus to topic rather than brand to allow for the creation of user-generated content without negatively affecting the Harvard’s brand. The team will share the social and digital approach used to build engagement, including their ongoing strategy to leverage user generated content to keep the course and the topics relevant. Lessons include:-Making the case to loosen brand control for the sake of engagement-Maintaining brand strength when opening content-Combining online learning with social media-Managing and engaging in conversations on multiple platforms


Anne Cushing Dir, Online Programs, Harvard Alumni Assoc Harvard University

Stephen Saber CEO The Pulse Network

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