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Storytelling for Entrepreneurs & Startups

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Storytelling is one of the most powerful forms of communication you have as an entrepreneur to assist you in starting a company, recruiting employees, raising capital, securing clients and getting press. Stories are universal and almost 100% relatable to people from all walks of life enabling the entrepreneur to inspire and catalyze an audience. Stories also help us structure meaning around complex situations and enable entrepreneurs to make the intangible tangible. Drawing from the experience gained from filming over 300 entrepreneurs, this panel is designed to share thoughts and examples on why and how storytelling should be weaved into your startup, launch and growth activities. Key points covered: Speaking from the heart and connecting emotionally with your audience; Crafting a memorable story and creating champions to share your story; making sure your baby is not ugly and stands apart from the crowd; and telling people why we do and what we do. Specific examples and techniques for digital storytelling will be shown and explained



Lyn Graft Chief Storyteller & Founder LG Pictures

LG. Director. Producer. Storyteller. Founder LG Pictures. Produced 450 videos including CNBC’s first primetime TV series “American Made”, 35 videos for the Microsoft, 14 videos for Dell Corporation, 25 videos for SXSW Interactive, 60 videos for Sweet Leaf Tea and 30 videos for RISE Global. Filmed 300 entrepreneurs including founders of Whole Foods, Paul Mitchell, Playboy, Baby Einstein, Clear Channel, Craigslist, BET Television, The Knot and Tom’s Shoes.
Founded 8 companies. Former engineer & ski instructor. Best friend of Fitty G.
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