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How to Become a Next-Generation Media Company

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The old media company is dead. Fragmented audiences are consuming content across multiple devices from multiple sources. Barriers to entry have disappeared and options have exploded. The rise in use and complexity of the social web (social+mobile+realtime) plus proliferation of content (text + photo + video + apps) means audiences are demanding more information, at rapid speeds and in a variety of form factors (and usually for free). There is a need for a new and profitable publishing system that understands all these needs – that will produce and distribute the right content, at the right place, at the right time. How does a media company manage all of these important pieces? How does it optimize – and monetize – its various media properties? Ben will address all that, with practical information about audience predictive technologies, curation techniques, social media and mobile distribution channels – and how to use them all to keep your media company on the cutting edge.


Ben Elowitz Co-Founder & CEO Wetpaint

Ben Elowitz is co-founder and CEO of Wetpaint, a next-generation media company that is reinventing the media model on the social web. Wetpaint has more than 12 million unique visitors monthly on its media properties. Elowitz is a media executive and thought leader on the subject of next-generation digital media publishing. He is the author of Digital Quarters, a blog about the future of digital media and the steps the publishing industry must take to become profitable. He also writes Media Success, a bold and forthright newsletter for digital media thought leaders.* His work has been featured in FORTUNE, TechCrunch, All Things D, The Huffington Post, Forbes, TIME, CNNMoney, paidContent, and, among others. In addition, he recently presented at Web 2.0 Expo, Seattle Interactive and WOMMA.

Elowitz offers fresh, thoughtful and often provocative insights on the digital publishing industry from an executive and consumer perspective, covering a range of sectors and industries including business, media, technology, marketing, and advertising. He provides well-researched analysis of emerging and long-term trends, as well as timely commentary on breaking news.

Prior to Wetpaint, Elowitz co-founded Blue Nile (NASDAQ: NILE), the largest online retailer of luxury goods.

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