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How to Work in B2B and Keep Your Creative Shirt On

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You know who you are: Your clients are large and their marcom departments, though not as highly funded as the advertising departments, need rich media to get the job done. Both big budget ads and small B2B marketing efforts want to achieve the same things: behavior change, message recall, and positive brand effect. So why is the level of creativity in our executions so different? Why are we producing fewer strong creative ideas? If the blog world’s murmurs about a creative crisis in interactive advertising are true, then what do we call what’s going on in our own B2B interactive marketing? A creative meltdown? Because the interactive space is the prime medium for B2B marketing, it’s important to ask these questions to assess how we can challenge ourselves to raise the creative bar to execute great creative ideas that assure client satisfaction.


Jon Stefaniak Creative Dir Somnio Solutions Inc

Jon Stefaniak is the Creative Director at Somnio Solutions, a digital marketing company focusing on the technology sector located in Austin, Texas. He draws upon his sensibility in design, story creation, and programming to offer a comprehensive approach to his work. His versified experience over the last 10+ years covers a wide range of B2B and B2C initiatives, working with a multitude of companies including HP, Mary Kay, Neiman Marcus, P&G, Northrop Grumman, Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, MGM Hotels International, Microsoft, Unilever, General Motors, and LEGO. When Jon isn't immersed in digital design, he spends the remaining waking hours of his day enjoying theater, music, bar sports and frosty cold beverages with his wife.

Maria Saavedra Exec Creative Dir Somnio Solutions Inc

As head of the creative department, Maria drives Somnio’s creative vision and ensures superior execution on all projects. She enjoys working with designers, artists, and writers to help bring their concepts to life.

Maria is an award-winning interactive designer with a background in advertising, online marketing, and eLearning. She holds an MFA in computer graphics from Syracuse University and a BFA in art and technology from Ohio State University. Her design philosophy is to strive to find the human element in digital media.

Melissa Messer Creative Lead Somnio Solutions Inc

Melissa Messer’s specialty lands where narrative and design overlap. She has worked in multiple roles across the creative department from architecture to design and studied Art Direction at the University of Texas at Austin. As a Creative Lead at Somnio, she works on strategy for large B2B enterprise accounts.

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