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Sneakers & Technology: A True Love Story

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For millennia, we wore footwear to protect our feet and get us from point A to B. Somewhere along the line they became status symbols. Then sports apparel. Now they’re quickly becoming the next device on our bodies that will enhance our lives and how we live with technology. From Nike+ to WeSC’s RFID-enabled checkin shoes, digital technology is proving to have the richest potential for innovation in footwear both for fashion/lifestyle and for sports. Joined by a panel of experts in footwear design and culture, we will discuss shoes of the next generation, what new changes they promise to bring to our lives, and what the technology and design community can look forward to with them.


Jeff Lyman Experience Lead Nike USA

Matt Halfhill Founder

Steve Caputo VP Creative Dir Arnold Worldwide

Trevor Eld R/GA

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