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Crowdsourcing a Revolution: Can We Fix Healthcare?

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Healthcare is 18% of US GDP and will be 37% by 2050, if nothing changes. We must reinvent how we deliver healthcare. In the past year, prizes and challenges have come in to vogue in the health sector. Prizes and challenges have a long history of benefiting humanity and driving major breakthroughs, for example a prize was used to incentivize the first flight across the Atlantic. Prizes are effective at crowdsourcing innovation, accelerating progress, and attracting new talent. Some of the leading prize evangelists will describe their platforms from big dollar prizes to more modest amounts along with lessons learned. The XPrize Foundation is launching a bid to fund a $10M XPrize for a Tricoder device; Health 2.0 has launched over 25 challenges with over 150 teams; NASA has built and open innovation strategy for health and the government is seeding grand challenges for global health. We are in the early stage of challenges for health and most are focused on apps, games, and data visualizations. Come hear how we can use challenges to fix healthcare, spur new business models, and avoid prize and app fatigue. This Future of Health Track is sponsored by Aetna.



Aman Bhandari Sr Advisor to the CTO US Department Of Health & Human Services

Aman Bhandari is currently Senior Adviser for Innovation in the Office of the Secretary of US Department of Health and Human Services. Aman works on health innovation policy for HHS CTO Todd Park and the newly formed Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation. Previously he worked at the White House for the US CTO Aneesh Chopra on a variety of health policy issues (i.e. mobile health, open government) where he promoted national initiatives at the intersection of technology, innovation, and health - engaging the private sector as well as the traditional players. He was a driving force behind the Community Health Data Initiative a major new public-private effort that aims to help Americans understand health and health care performance in their communities - and to help spark and facilitate action to improve performance. He has a deep and continued interest in linking domestic and global innovation in health.

Cristin Dorgelo Asst Dir for Grand Challenges White House Office Of Science And Technology Policy

Cristin Dorgelo is Assistant Director for Grand Challenges with the Office of Science and Technology Policy in the Executive Office of the President, focusing the use of grand challenges and incentive prizes for open innovation. Prior to joining the Office of Science and Technology Policy in early 2012, Cristin was Vice President, Prize Operations for the X PRIZE Foundation, an educational nonprofit prize institute whose mission is to create radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity. As part of the X PRIZE team from 2006 through early 2012, Cristin managed all of the X PRIZE Foundation’s active competitions, including the $30MM Google Lunar X PRIZE, the $10MM Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE, the $10MM Archon Genomics X PRIZE, the $2.5MM Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander X CHALLENGE, and the $2.4MM Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE. Before joining the X PRIZE Foundation, Cristin was part of the founding team of X1 Technologies as Director of Operations, helping the desktop search company develop its innovative software and grow from 0 to 40 employees from 2002 to 2006. Prior her work at X1 Technologies, Cristin worked on several groundbreaking startup companies at Idealab, including Energy Innovations, Omnilux, and XBeams. She also managed Idealab's knowledge management efforts. Cristin was part of the Leadership and Organizational Development group at Times Mirror before it was bought by Tribune Company in 2000. She started her career in Advertising Operations at the Los Angeles Times. Cristin holds a BA in History with a minor in Anthropology from UCLA.

Eileen Bartholomew Sr Dir XPrize Foundation

Eileen heads Prize Development for the X PRIZE Foundation, an organization dedicated to developing radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity through incentive prize competitions.

Eileen has nearly 15 years of experience in building innovative programs for public, private and non-profit organizations. She has worked across the Life Sciences and Technology industry, helping clients worldwide identify, plan, launch and sustain a wide range of life sciences products and services, from blockbuster drugs to specialty pharmaceuticals to niche medical devices.

Indu Subaiya Co-Founder Health 2.0

Indu Subaiya, MD, MBA is Co-Chairman and CEO of Health 2.0: User Generated Healthcare, a first-of-its-kind forum showcasing leading edge digital media, web and mobile technologies in healthcare. She also is creator of the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge. Most recently she was Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Physic Ventures, a consumer health and wellness investment fund. Prior to that she served as President of Etude Scientific, a consulting firm providing strategy, market assessment, and due diligence services to biotechnology and consumer healthcare companies. Indu also was Vice President of Healthcare and Biomedical Research at Gerson Lehrman Group where she facilitated due diligence research in the life sciences sector for investment fund managers. Earlier in her career she served as Director of Outcomes Research at Quorum Consulting, Inc. where she conducted Phase III-IV quality of life and pharmacoeconomic studies and advised life science clients on commercialization and reimbursement strategies. Indu received her MD from Stony Brook University School of Medicine at the State University of New York, an MBA from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, and a BS in Science and Technology Studies from Cornell University.

Jeffrey Davis Dir, Space Life Sciences NASA

Jeffrey R. Davis, MD, MS currently serves as Director, Space Life Sciences, as the Chief Medical Officer for the NASA Johnson Space Center, and as the Director of the NASA Human Health and Performance Center (NHHPC). The Space Life Sciences Directorate (SLSD) provides the research and technology development required for exploration, as well as all human health and performance support to space flight operations of the International Space Station. The SLSD is also responsible for human health and performance requirements for new programs such as commercial space flight, Advanced Exploration Technologies, and applicable roadmaps of the Office of the Chief Technologist. The NHHPC is as an 110 member organization dedicated to collaboration, innovation and education across its membership for human health and performance projects. The core capabilities in the SLSD include space medicine; biomedical research and countermeasures for the physiological changes induced by human exposure to reduced gravity; environmental monitoring for closed environments (air/water) and the external radiation environment; habitability and human factors; strategic planning, benchmarking, and communication; and open innovation/collaboration. The SLSD also provides occupational health and EAP services to the Johnson Space Center employees.

Dr. Davis received his B.S. degree in Biology from Stanford University and M.D. degree from the University of California at San Diego. He also holds a Master of Science (MPH equivalent) degree from Wright State University. His residency training included internal medicine and aerospace medicine, and he is certified by the American Board of Preventive Medicine. Dr. Davis holds licenses to practice medicine in California and Texas. Dr. Davis’ past positions include Professor, Preventive Medicine and Community Health at the University of Texas Medical Branch; Corporate Medical Director, American Airlines; and Chief, Medical Operations NASA Johnson Space Center. His national board participation has included service as the chair of the American Board of Preventive Medicine; chair of the Residency Review Committee for Preventive Medicine; president of the Aerospace Medical Association; and a member of the executive committee of the American Board of Medical Specialties. Dr. Davis is the senior editor of the text “Fundamentals of Aerospace Medicine” 4th edition. Additional publications are available on request.

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