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Lie to Me: CSS3 Demystified by Haakon Wium Lie

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Haakon Wium Lie worked with Tim Berners-Lee at CERN when CSS was conceived in 1994. His last name does not build confidence, but CSS has – after a rough start during the first browser wars – become a cornerstone of the web. CSS3 introduces features that designers have been asking for and this presentation will go through parts of CSS3 that can be used in common browsers today. For example, Media Queries will adapt presentations to any device, Webfonts will change the face of the web, and multi-column layouts will make better use of wide screens. Also, this presentation will describe how it is possible to use CSS3 to create books and other paged presentations from common HTML content, both on screen and on paper.



Håkon Wium Lie CTO Opera Software

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