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Your Blog Is Not Your Business

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For 18 months, I *poured* myself into my blog Man Vs. Debt. I had thousands of subscribers, a passionate community, dozens of comments on my posts, and recognition from many other people I looked up to. But I was lacking terribly in one area - the *business* side of things.

Day in and day out I focused on the small details of building up my "blog" (at least a little) - but completely ignored truly growing my "business." A little over a year ago I finally realized... "Baker, you are running an online business - not just a blog." And things started to change.

Over the next 30 days, I organized a niche sale with a new partner that brought together 20+ online entrepreneurs and sold their top business products for 90% off for a short time. In just 30 days of planning, we executed a sale that gross $189,000 in revenue and profited over $30,000 for myself.

This all happened because I stepped back and focus on my *real* assets and strengths. My blog was successful, but it wasn't the core benefit I had to offer the world. Stepping away from my blogging-tunnel-focus has allowed me to build a six-figure online business, while *still* doubling the subscribers to my blog in just a few months.

I'll show you exactly what led to my change (specific examples from my business and blog) - and the tangible steps you can take to analyze your own "blog" and "business." Chances are, these aren't the same thing.

Are you building up a blog?

Or are you building an online business?


Adam Baker Founder Man Vs Debt LLC

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