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Snackable Content: Working in a Bite-Sized Future

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The future is in Snackable Content, but is that a good or bad thing, and how can it be linked to existing paradigms of content distribution and goals? The Snackable Content panel will cover aspects of the changes that have occurred with regards to the proliferation of mobile, social, and aggregation of content on the web. Making content into bite-sized, beautiful and (ideally) meaningful pieces makes it more likely to be shared, but what should be considered in terms of design, discovery, conversion and community? This panel will consider these ideas from multiple perspectives including social design, web trends, community, and advertising/marketing; along with some purely observational and theoretical perspectives on social networks and sharing. Listen and ask questions to thought leaders from the arenas of new media publishing, design, marketing, local community, international brands; and hear from deep thinkers about the web and network interactions in general.



Brad Cohen Dir of Strategy JESS3

I'm the Director of Strategy for JESS3 - a creative agency that specializes in telling stories in interesting and innovative ways. I bring experience as a Creative Design Director and Content Strategist with an understanding of interpersonal and group dynamics on the social web. I have worked in various agency environments helping organizations of all kinds discover and craft messages that resonate within communities.

I have a diverse background including (but not limited to) zoological field research, naturalist, instruction of English as a foreign language, professional chef, startup entrepreneur and network analyst. The web is a special place where we can make a living by understanding groups and trying to make something cool. I'm excited to be a part of the process at JESS3.

I've had the pleasure of working with brands like: Intel, Google, Nike, AT&T, Verizon, Nestle, Oracle, Adobe, Omniture, Microsoft, Juniper Networks, Verisign, NetApp, Deloitte, IBM and more.

Cassondra Schindler The Curiosity Collective

Hi there! I'm a freelance Communications Strategist, focused on creating meaningful connections online and in the natural word.

My passion for connecting people with ideas, inspiration and information goes back, way back and could quite possibly be traced to childhood productions with me as the writer/director/producer, my sisters in performing roles and the entire neighborhood as our indulgent audience.

Since then I've learned a thing or two about shared purpose. Now, I work with small businesses and branding agencies to recognize and explore the sweet spots of their evolving communities.

Culturally curious and behaviorally focused, I enjoy every opportunity to connect on the ground. Please do hit me up for a hello and to talk about your favorite bike, film, or emerging artist.

Dean McBeth Dir of Computering Barton F Graf 9000 LLC

aka @evilspinmeister

Director of Digital Creative + Strategy at Barton F. Graf 9000, LLC. (BFG9000). I believe in less capitalization, the total destruction of email and looking for what isn't there.

"If you're not trying to break it, you're playing too safe." - Me

Marshall Kirkpatrick CEO Plexus Engine

Marshall Kirkpatrick is the CEO of Plexus Engine, a service that helps media, PR and marketing firms gain competitive advantage through discovery of emergent information. Previously, he was the lead writer at technology blogs ReadWriteWeb and TechCrunch.

Todd Ames NIKEiD Digital Lead NIKE

Todd Ames is the NIKEiD Digital Lead, focusing on driving awareness and demand through social channels and new digital technology like mobile and gaming. Previously, he was an Executive Producer at a boutique interactive agency in New York City. Project included interactive media pieces for Cablevision and Comedy Central.

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