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Genius or Feeble? Ranking Luxury Brands Digital IQ

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How do Chanel, Louis Vuitton, BMW and Rolex stack up across digital platforms. NYU Stern Professor of Marketing Scott Galloway, has developed the L2 Digital IQ Index® to evaluate the digital competence of brands across more than 350 datapoints. The flagship Luxury Index ranks 100 iconic luxury brands across four dimensions: Site & E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Social Media and Mobile, and assigns them a Digital IQ.

This no mercy, no malice review helps brands allocate capital more efficiently and serves as a proxy for which firms are most innovative. L2 has established a statistically significant relationship between Digital IQ and shareholder value and revenue growth.

What's your brand's Digital IQ?


Scott Galloway Professor of Mktg/Founder of L2 NYU Stern/L2 Think Tank

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