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Building Great Games in HTML5

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I took a platform game published on Win/Mac/iOS and its 100,000 line C++ code-base and turned it into an HTML5 game running on desktop, mobile and even TVs. This talk is the story of how that happened and also gives some great tips and tools for anyone aspiring to make games using HTML5.Building a game is never a trivial job and doing it on a platform in constant development can be even harder. That said, the advantages of HTML5 greatly outweighs the disadvantages. HTML5 is quickly turning into a great game development platform which offers well tested solutions to many of the peripheral problems you normally have to deal with when making games.With these solved for you already you can focus on creating a great game and an awesome user experience!I'll share what I've learned and hopefully the talk will make the process easier for anyone else building games in HTML5. I'll also talk about a new exciting open source project allowing you to leverage WebGL and COLLADA in your games.



Erik Möller Core-gfx Developer Opera Software

Erik started his professional career as a programmer in the games industry back in -96 working for a Swedish game studio on an RTS. Since then he's been working at a number of game studios in Sweden and Australia. In early 2005 he headed up Auran Games Sweden, a subsidiary of the then largest game developer in Australia. After a short break making a plunge into full time indie game development with TimeTrap he joined Opera software in 2009 where he's now working in the core graphics department implementing WebGL and eagerly advocating html5 game development.

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