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Leif to Bieber: The Web Has Changed Nothing

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Let’s face it. Leif Garrett (1979) and Justin Bieber (2011) are the same thing. Both made music videos, both had photo spreads in Tiger Beat, and both look(ed) more like girls than boys. It’s the same marketing formula: brand, messaging and distribution.

This point/counter-point style presentation will discuss examples of how the formula for marketing success has largely remained unchanged over the past decades, despite the rapid introduction of new channels.

The presenters will challenge the audience to think critically about the role of the Internet (distribution channel) vs. the quality of the brands and the messages themselves, while focusing on the need for a “back to basics” approach to marketing and communications, regardless of channel or medium, online or offline. Come prepared to debate and open to having your perspective widened.



Al McWilliams Officer Quack!Media

Sara Meaney Partner Hanson Dodge Creative

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