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The Right Tool for the Job: Native or Mobile Web?

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Mobile devices are changing how we communicate today just as fundamentally as the web has for the past decade, and businesses of all types are rushing to embrace their potential. Thanks to the success of the iOS and Android app stores, "mobile" has become nearly synonymous with "native" in most peoples' minds, while the mobile web is usually dismissed as a poor cousin of the app. As mobile browsers improve, however, the user experience gap between native apps and mobile web apps will continue narrowing, and it will become increasingly important for mobile strategists to have a nuanced understanding of both. This panel will explore the pros and cons of modern mobile web and native apps from the perspective of technologists with extensive experience designing and developing both, and will provide examples of products that use either medium (or both) particularly effectively.


Buzz Andersen Dir of Mobile Tumblr

Jacob Bijani Prod Engineer Tumblr

Jacob Bijani is a Product Engineer at Tumblr, where he focuses on strategy, product development and building the best platform for creative people. He has been instrumental in Tumblr's design and direction during his 3 years with the team. He lives in Brooklyn and has trouble thinking of activities that don't involve the internet.

Majd Taby Software Engineer Facebook

Matthew Delaney WebKit Engineer

Tom Dale Sr Software Engineer Ember.js

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