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Client-Side Templating in jQuery

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This session will review the options available today and in the future for client-side templating in jQuery. We will show the libraries available today, including jQuery Templates, knockout.js, and JsRender/JsViews.The past year has been rather tumultuous in the jQuery Templating space. Before the jQuery Templates plug-in even had a chance to come out of beta, the project was terminated in favor of newer templating libraries currently under development. However, even though it is still unclear which templating library is the best to use, the concept of client-side templating is too important to ignore or put off using. This talk will review the various options Web developers have today for performing client-side templating, and will present guidance on what to look for in the coming year as newer libraries are released.



Fritz Onion Editor in Chief Pluralsight

Fritz is a co-founder of Pluralsight where he serves as the Editor in Chief. Fritz is the author of the books 'Essential ASP.NET' and 'Essential ASP.NET 2.0' published by Addison Wesley. He is a regular speaker at industry conferences including the PDC, TechEd, and VSLive!. Microsoft recognizes Fritz as an MVP for his contributions to the ASP.NET community.

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