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What Content Strategists Can Learn from the Movies

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Whether it’s Bridget Jones in pursuit of Mark Darcy or Luke Skywalker on a quest to discover himself while overcoming evil, film protagonists are on a journey inspired by the promise of adventure and reward. Real people are on a similar quest to solve problems--including the prospective customers you hope to attract with your content marketing strategy. By applying principles of film narrative you can shape the online journey of your buyers, helping them bond with fellow travelers and overcome obstacles along the way. To do that, you must look beyond the spreadsheets, diagrams and content management systems that are the tricks of your trade and think like a storyteller: Who are the heroes--and the villains? What conflicts and challenges do they face? What is their quest and what is the reward? Learn how to use film narrative to unite your team and client around a storyline, map the buyer’s journey, and align the right content to the right person in the right way and at the right time.


Carmen Hill Social Media & Content Strategist Babcock & Jenkins

Carmen leads social media and content strategy for Babcock & Jenkins, a B2B integrated marketing agency in Portland, Oregon. Prior to her current position, Carmen was a senior copywriter for BNJ and her own creative communication consultancy, Prosody. Carmen began her career a stone's throw from here, as a TV news reporter and producer at KXAN-TV, where she chased ambulances, fire trucks, tornados and politicians. Now she just follows them on Twitter.

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