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The Trend of Trending

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All around the web we're seeing trending content. From Twitter's trending topics to Mashable's Trending list, from CNN's NewsPulse to the NYT's most emailed articles, trending topics are swarming the web. This trending content is giving us a new and exciting curation platform in which we're seeing how the world is interacting with online content in real time. Why the interest? What's to gain in following these trends? Incredible insight into the news & social media ecosystem.


Jody Turner Founder, Cultural Trend Reporter

I am an entrepreneur, founder of global insights strategy group “Businesses aligned with authentic consumer passions and creative cultures are sending powerful waves of positive change into the future of our world.” I look at the anthropology of how we got here, where we are going to, and how to translate and strategize for future relevancy. BMW Germany, Pantech Mobile Korea, Apple USA, London, Unilever Istanbul and IDEO are a few clients to date. I travel a good deal sharing at gatherings and conferences collecting information from shared associates. A blogger for Fast Company Magazine (Leadership) and mentor to young leaders such as Veronika Scott of Detroit. Our Fast Company post on her influential project:

Ryan Geyer Founder Trenspot

Ryan Geyer is founder of the fast-growing website, Trenspot, a trending news aggregator which curates trends from traditional and social media in real time.

Ryan developed Trenspot from concept to live beta in six months with the management of a small, international team. The simplicity and value of Trenspot are two of its stickiest features, which bolster an impressive loyalty rating among users.

Ryan holds a Science degree in Sociology and is an avid reader and studier of people – both individuals and masses. Ryan is able to discern what the public finds important and is able to subjectively filter large amounts of content through the lens of cultural relevancy. Trenspot is his primary tool, which he created to filter and present these results in real time for those interested in online trends.

He is married to his beautiful wife, Emily, and he has one son, Maddox, born last year.

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