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The Curators and the Curated

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At the heart of our conversation: the relationship between publishers of original content and the web’s most influential curators. Seems simple, right? Content creators get eyeballs and curators get work to share. But with some curators dwarfing publications in size and influence, and with some publishers investing heavily in curation projects of their own, that relationship is getting a little complicated. We’ll get our hands dirty and break down just how important curators and publishers are to each other, how money plays into things and how attribution has become a lost art. Other fun stuff you’ll learn: what makes a curator influential, how content-creators can be curator friendly (and vice versa), and the evolving distinction between curation and aggregation. This Future of Journalism Track is sponsored by The Knight Foundation.



David Carr Columnist/Reporter/Blogger The New York Times

Typist who generates words and consumes a lot of them. Never at the same time.

Maria Popova Founder Brain Pickings

Interestingness curator and semi-secret geek obsessed with combinatorial creativity. Founder and editor of Brain Pickings. Bylines for Wired UK, The Atlantic, Nieman Journalism Lab, and Design Observer, among others. MIT Futures of Entertainment Fellow.

Max Linsky co-founder

Mia Quagliarello Flipboard

Noah Brier Co-Founder Percolate

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