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The Science of Good Design: A Dangerous Idea

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The business world is increasingly enamored with design. Business leaders look to designers for guidance on everything from product innovation to corporate strategy. While designers and business people may bring different perspectives to the table, they share one common language: research.

But research can be dangerous. It often provides easy answers that go unquestioned because the research feels like science. What if we’ve put too much trust in research? What about the aspects of design and product development that are important, but hard to measure? Where does research end and design judgment begin? 

In this talk, frog Associate Strategy Director Ben McAllister explores these questions and takes a hard look at the role of research in design. Drawing from not only design, but also economics and the philosophy of science, Ben confronts the conventional wisdom around design research, offering a new vision of how research can inspire creativity and guide decision making.


Ben McAllister Assoc Creative Dir frog design

Ben McAllister is an Associate Creative Director in frog's Austin studio, where he focuses on design strategy and research. Ben brings a broad set of experience to frog, having worked in strategy consulting for the Boston Consulting Group as well as in advertising for Austin-based agency GSD&M. Ben is a frequent writer and speaker. His writing has appeared in The Atlantic, Fast Company's Co.Design, PSFK, and Interactions Magazine. Ben is also a frequent contributor to frog's design mind blog on topics ranging from the economics of personal data to the use of photography in design research. Ben spoke at SXSW Interactive 2011 on "Unwritten Rules: Brands, Social Psychology and Social Media."

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